Conversations with a Happy Bear

Me : Why do you breathe so hard?

Happy Bear : Why are you so creepy?

Me : I am not creepy! It’s just so.. I don’t know, loud..

Happy Bear : You notice my breathing now?

Me : Quite frankly, it’s a little hard to ignore..

Happy Bear : I can’t even breathe freely in my own goddamn house now?!

Me : Don’t make a big deal out of it dude just like... I don’t know, maybe do it a little quieter? It’s distracting

Happy Bear : So you want me to stop breathing? Is that it?

Me : Not really no.. Although, now that you’ve mentioned it..

Happy Bear : You would like that wouldn’t you?

Me : Oh absolutely!I’d finally get to dry hump your corpse! That’ll sure put a smile on your ghost face am I right?

Happy Bear : Why do I even like you?

Me : I can make you a list



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